Snacks & Sweets

Simple snacks from independent artisan makers.

Classic Beef Jerky

8oz Whole Muscle Beef Jerky (shelf stable)

Original Potato Chips

Large 8 oz Bag Of Kettle Chips

Almond Chunky

1.5 oz Chocolate Bar

Candied Peanuts

Organic Candied Peanuts 1.42 oz

Hazelnut - Pocket Latte

.92 oz Coffee Chocolate Bar

Dark Roast - Pocket Latte

.92 oz Coffee Chocolate Bar

Cafe Mix Granola

12oz Bag Of Classic Cafe Mix Granola

Dried Cherries

1/2 lb Bag of Dried Cherries

Dilly Beans

12oz Dilly Beans

Finnochiona Salami

2.5oz Dry-Cured Finnochiona Salami

Saucisson Sec Salami

2.5oz Dry-Cured Saucisson Sec Salami

Soppressata Salami

2.5oz Dry-Cured Soppressata Salami