Fresh Produce

Fresh and flavorful vegetables fruit, and mushrooms grown by farms that use ecological farming practices.

Green Asparagus

One Half Pound Of Asparagus

Red onion

three pounds of sweet, red storage onions


1 lb of Cucumbers, Grown Indoors

Crimini Mushrooms

One Pound Package of Mushrooms

Sweet Potato

Three Pounds Of Sweet Potatoes

Slicing Tomatoes on Vine

2 lb Bag of Medium Sized Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

1 lb Bag of Cherry Tomatoes

Microgreens Mix

1 Clamshell Of Microgreens

Spring mix

1/2 Bag of Baby Lettuce Mix

Yellow Onion

Three Pounds Of Onions

Baby Kale

One Half Pound Of Baby Kale


1/2 Pound Of Baby Arugula


One 2 lb bag of parsnips


One Half Pound Bag Of Spinach

Mixed Potatos

One 3 lb bag of multi-colored potatoes

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