Fresh Produce

An ever widening selection of the freshest fruits & vegetables from our farm and beyond. No GMOs or chemicals. Every farm we work with engages in sustainable crop production that reduce inputs, promote biodiversity, and sequesters carbon.

Candy Cane Beets

1.5 lbs of chioggia beets

Watermelon Radish

2 lbs Of Radishes, Topped


2 lbs Of Fresh Rutabaga

Orange Carrots

3 lbs of Orange Carrots

Produce Bundle (Small)

Try A Variety Of What's In Season For The Best Value!
Sale $8.00 savings
$38.00 $30.00

Florida Oranges

4 Medium-Sized Florida Oranges

Green Cabbage

3lb Organic Green Cabbage

Shiitake Mushrooms

6oz Shiitake Mushrooms


.75 oz Fresh Cilantro


.75oz Fresh Basil


.75oz Fresh Chives


.75oz Fresh Rosemary


.75oz Fresh Thyme


.75oz Fresh Sage

Poultry Herb Mix

.75oz Thyme, Sage, Rosemary Mix

Honeycrisp Apples

4 Medium-Sized Honeycrisp Apples

Red Onion

3lbs Sweet Red Storage Onions

Red Fingerling Potatoes

2lbs of Red Fingerling Potatoes