Fresh Produce

Fresh and flavorful vegetables fruit, and mushrooms grown by farms that use ecological farming practices.

Hen Of The Woods Mushrooms

6 oz Of Foraged Maitake

Purple Broccolini

1/2 lb of Broccoli Side Shoots


.75oz Fresh Basil


.75oz Fresh Chives


.75oz Fresh Rosemary


.75oz Fresh Thyme


.75oz Fresh Sage

Red Onion

3lbs Sweet Red Storage Onions

Heirloom Tomatoes

2 lbs Of Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes

Shishito Peppers

1/2lb Shishito Peppers


2lbs Topped Purple Kohlrabi

Spring mix

1/2lb Gourmet Salad Mix

Fingerling Potatoes

2lbs of Fingerling Potatoes

Wild-Type Arugula

1/2 lb Of Fresh Arugula

Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes

1 Pint Of Mixed Cherry Tomatoes

Salad Radishes

One Pint Of Topped Radishes

Gala Apples

5 Medium-Sized Apples

Mixed Beets

2 lbs of Topped Candy Cane, Orange, and White Beets

Green Cabbage

One Large Cabbage (about 2 lbs)


One Half Pound Bag Of Spinach

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