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How It Works

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Once your cart is full, checkout using our secure platform. Once we receive your order we pack it the day before sending it out for delivery. You will receive your order in an insulated tote delivered by our staff. You can return the tote bags by leaving them by your front door at your next expected delivery.


You do not need to be present for your delivery, but we do recommend getting to it 4-6 hours after delivery. We will send an email notification as soon as your order has been delivered.

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Online Store FAQ

The purpose of this online store is to create a grocery-store-like assortment of food that features the abundance of our Midwestern growing climate and the local farmer's and artisans that participate in sustainable agriculture.

How is the order packed?

Our meat is frozen and individually vacuum-packaged. Our meats and other frozen goods are placed at the bottom of an insulated tote bag. All other non-frozen goods are packed on top separated by a layer of bubble-foil insulation. Our reusable tote bags and insulation can be returned to us by leaving it at your doorstep and our staff will collect them when they deliver your next order.

What if some contents of my box are broken or don't look right?

Send us an email or give us a call and we will add a credit for any items that are less than exceptional. It is our priority to deliver delicious, fresh food and we appreciate any feedback you have that will better inform our practices. Pictures and descriptions of what went wrong are helpful. 

What if the meat isn't frozen solid?

Don't worry if your meat isn't frozen solid upon delivery. According to the USDA, the safe zone for raw meat is below 40 degrees F. If your meats are starting to thaw, you can refrigerate and use within a few days, cook immediately, or refreeze for future use. In general all cuts of meat will be frozen solid. Products like bacon, ham, and sausages will sometime be delivered fresh because they come back fresh from our butcher on our packing day. 

How are our animals raised?

Visit our producer profiles here, or read about Avrom Farm's philosophy and agricultural practices here 

Why are you sold out of items and/or have to delete item's I have already ordered?

Because we are committed to working with so many independent local farmers and artisans we sometimes experience complications in our supply and inventory. We are working toward eliminating mistakes in inventory and making sure we have an abundance of all our products.

What day do you update inventory?

We update inventory as soon as Tuesday morning or as late as Thursday afternoon. The reason we do this is because sometimes our orders can not be confirmed until Thursday in the afternoon and we don't want to put things on the site that may be subject to change. The best time to order is Wednesday or Thursday for the following Wednesday delivery because that is when our inventory is highest and orders are packed in the order that we receive them. 

Can we expect more variety as the season changes?

Yes! Our goal is to provide high quality local produce throughout the whole year. During our spring - fall growing season you can expect a much wider variety of produce that reflects our northern growing climate. We and the farmers we work with use methods such as season extension (growing in greenhouses and hoop houses, winter storage (carefully storing potatoes, carrots, onions, etc through the winter), and over-wintering (covering crops we grow in the fall over winter so they come up in the spring and are ready to harvest early) to maximize the amount of delicious produce we can make available within our region, all year long.