We have the pleasure of partnering with our favorite local artisans to bring you fantastic food crafted using sustainably grown ingredients.

MSCO Sourdough Bâtard

A Classic Sourdough Bread For Daily Use In All Homes (1 lb loaf, sliced)

Brioche Pan Loaf

One Fresh Brioche Loaf Made With Local Stone Ground Flour

T-Dog Hot Sauce No.3

Habanero, Peach, Carrot Hot Sauce

T-Dog Hot Sauce No. 4

Scotch Bonnet, Chipotle, Mustard Hot Sauce

T-Dog Hot Sauce No. 5

Habanero, Soy Sauce, Pineapple, Pepitas Hot Sauce

Rhubarb Hops Simple Syrup

8 fl oz Rhubarb Hops Simple Syrup

Spicy Beer Mustard

9oz Spicy Beer Mustard

Dilly Beans

12oz Dilly Beans


1 pound Of Popcorn

Eclipse Black Beans

1lb Dry Eclipse Black Beans

Shelled Whole Pecans

1/2 lb Bag of Shelled Pecans

Dried Cherries

1/2 lb Bag of Dried Cherries

Rolled Oats

2 lb Of Thick Rolled Oats

Figs & Black Tea

6oz Jar Of Premium Jam

Finnochiona Salami

2.5oz Dry-Cured Finnochiona Salami

Saucisson Sec Salami

2.5oz Dry-Cured Saucisson Sec Salami

Soppressata Salami

2.5oz Dry-Cured Soppressata Salami

Venison Picante Salami

2.5oz Dry-Cured Venison Picante Salami

Maple Root Beer

Four 12oz Bottles Of Premium Local Root Beer

All Purpose Flour, Whole Wheat

2lbs All Purpose Flour, Whole Wheat

Pure Maple Syrup

16 fl oz Pure Maple Syrup

Heritage Turkey Red Flour, Bolted

2lb Heritage Turkey Red Flour, Bolted