Pasture-Raised Dairy

Dairy products made from happy cows in Wisconsin.

Cupola Artisan Cheese

4 oz 6 Month Aged Artisan Cheese


Jack Goat Cheese

6 oz Of Semi-Soft Buttery Goat Cheese

Monterey Jack

6 oz Block Hand-Crafted Cheese

Wildberry Yoghurt

12 oz European Style Yoghurt


Parmesan Cheese

8 oz Wisconsin Parmesan Cheese


Edun Raw Milk Cheese

6 oz Raw Milk White Cheddar Cheese


Heritage Cheddar Cheese

6oz Block Of 1 yr Cheddar Cheese

Salted Butter

1 lb Block of Salted Butter


Unsalted Butter

1 lb Block Of Unsalted Butter