• Avrom Farm

    Avrom Farm

    We manage our farm as an ecosystem by integrating livestock, grain, pasture, and vegetables to create a farm-ecosystem that is both resilient and productive.  By farming in this way we are able to produce exceptionally flavorful and nutritionally dense food.

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  • Carlson-Arbogast Farm

    Carlson-Arbogast Farm
  • Century Sun

    Century Sun

    Century Sun Oil, LLC, was founded in 2009 with the vision of producing a healthy, local, certified organic cooking oil. Located on a 140-year-old family farm just outside Pulaski, Wisconsin, our sunflower oil production facility incorporates the original dairy buildings on the farm.  Our buildings were re-purposed with new updates to create a truly local efficient system.Century Sun Oil starts by requiring a specific variety of certified organic high oleic sunflower seed to be used. Planting, soil nutrition and crop monitoring throughout the growing season is done in partnership with our organic farmers. From there, the seeds are carefully harvested and stored until ready for pressing. All operations from cold pressing, filtration, bottling, packaging and shipping are performed at the Century Sun Oil facility. Our only focus is sunflower oil, we do not process any other seeds.To complete the eco cycle, our residual meal is sold to organic animal farmers for a much-needed high protein supplement. This is an added benefit for both us and the farmers, as there is no waste being created.Century Sun Oil's processing methods are also certified organic, which means no chemicals are used in any part of our production system. Our cold-pressed and lightly-filtered methods allow for all of our sunflower oil's natural healthy constituents to remain for you to enjoy.

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  • Clover Hill Farms

    Clover Hill Farms
  • Crave Brothers

    Crave Brothers
  • Dalla Terra Pasta

  • Driftless Organics

    Driftless Organics

    …begins back in 1993 when we were just nine and eleven and our mother assigned us the summer project of growing potatoes. Being ambitious farm kids we planted a quarter acre of twenty varieties. Each year our plot expanded and with it our dreams of becoming ‘real’ farmers in our own right. Soon our farm-kid ambition had us buying potato planters and tractors and hiring our mother to drive us to the Dane County Farmer’s Market. The rest is history. What began as a summer project has now taken the shape of our dreams.  We manage over 100 acres of ridge and valley fields in the enchanting Driftless region of Southwest Wisconsin. Our farm is called Driftless Organics and beyond our legendary potatoes, we produce fruit, vegetables and sunflower oil that we share via farmers markets and grocery stores throughout the upper Midwest.

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  • Farmhouse Kitchens

    Farmhouse Kitchens

    We combine a hundred years of dairy experience with the freshest Wisconsin sweet cream to create a truly unique butter with a traditional cultured flavor and a silky dense texture. 

    This butter is turned out of the churn and formed the old-fashioned way... never pumped or extruded. You’ll notice the difference this gentle treatment makes: great mouth-feel, rich and lingering flavor, enhanced sautéing and silkier sauces.

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  • Flyte Family Farm

    Flyte Family Farm
  • Gwenyn Hill Farm

    Gwenyn Hill Farm

    Nestled in Wisconsin’s Lake Country just 25 miles west of Milwaukee, Gwenyn Hill Farm is cultivating certified organic food while preserving the beauty and biodiversity of its fields and woodlands.

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  • Hot Dish Pantry

    Hot Dish Pantry

    Where the Midwest and the World Meet. Using locally produced ingredients to craft ready-to-heat meals. Stock your Freezer and Fridge.

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  • Iron Grate BBQ

    Iron Grate BBQ
  • Kelley Creek Gardens

    Organic vegetable producer is Centreville, MI

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  • LaClare Family Creamery

  • Madison Sourdough

    Madison Sourdough

    1 am. Time to bake the bread and pastry. Our ovens are rolling and the start of a carefully orchestrated morning of fermentation, jazz, rock’n'roll, and mixing begins. The bakery represents a cycle of production utilizing natural processes to transform humble ingredients into complex and nourishing breads and pastries. A loaf of our bread takes 36 hours start to finish, from the critical step of building our leaven to baking the finished loaf.

    We produce breads and pastries 360 days of the year, supplying not only our cafe with unique breads and pastries, but also distributing the freshest bakery to Madison’s finest restaurants, grocery stores and coffee shops. We begin our day early so our customers across the city can experience our craft at its best.

    We specialize in naturally leavened, ie sourdough, breads using Wisconsin grown wheat, rye, and corn.  Our pastries are called Viennoiserie and are based on classic French techniques.  Viennoiserie are yeast leavened breakfast pastries.  We laminate all of our Viennoiserie with premium Wisconsin butter and enrich our doughs with local eggs and Sassy Cow Milk.

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  • Mckaskle Family Farm

    Mckaskle Family Farm

    As fifth generation farmers, Kaye and Steve McKaskle decided to break the mold and pioneer organic farming in Missouri. It started with cotton, and grew into popcorn, Basmati and Long Grain rice, soybeans, corn, cotton, and oats. Now, McKaskle Family Farm has some of the highest growing and manufacturing standards around.

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  • Meadowlark Organics

    Meadowlark Organics
  • Mighty Vine

    Mighty Vine
  • Nichols Farm & Orchard

    Nichols Farm & Orchard

    The Nichols Farm & Orchard story began in 1978 with Lloyd and Doreen Nichols’ backyard garden. Lloyd had always loved to garden, and with visions of becoming self sustained the family moved from Lombard and the backyard garden, to their first 10 acre parcel in Marengo, IL. They bought animals, made butter and cheese, cultivated 4 of the acres, and planted a small orchard. The yield was much more than Lloyd and the family needed, so he began selling the vegetables out of the back of his truck and became a vendor at the Evanston Farmers Market.

    Over 30 years later, Lloyd still considers himself a market gardener and attributes the vast variety of fruits and vegetables the farm cultivates to that gardener’s spirit and love for variety. The farm still sells their bounty at the Evanston Market, but in the years since the late 70’s the number of markets has grown to 12-14 in any given year, and countless restaurants and CSA customers.

    Today, Lloyd’s sons and grandchildren work and live on the farm carrying on the spirit and love for the land for future generations of market customers and chefs. The farm grows over 1,000 different fruits and vegetables with over 200 varieties of apples alone. Every year brings a new variety and discovery for the farm and the loyal customers, and Lloyd and the family hope to do so for many more years to come.

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  • Origin Breads

    Origin Breads

    For us, bread is art. Flour, water and salt are our media. Fermented dough is our canvas. But to find the real beauty in our loaves you must tear through the rustic shell to see, smell and taste what lies within. With every loaf, we try to honor the hard work of our farmers and millers by using time honored baking techniques that coax maximum flavor and nutrition out of the organic grains. This is not factory bread. From the field to your table, many hands are behind the creation of this loaf, and with you, it ends. While enjoying with friends and family, we hope you’ll take a moment to appreciate the origin of your bread.

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  • Potter's Crackers

    Potter's Crackers


    Our mission is to sustainably produce high quality, organic crackers and cracker products for the great people of Wisconsin and beyond.


    Potter’s Crackers are made by Potters Fine Foods LLC. The company was started by Peter Potter Weber and his mom, Nancy Potter, in 2006. Pete is a food science graduate of the University of Wisconsin and Nancy previously owned the New Glarus Bakery (New Glarus WI) for 25 years. The two of them saw the specialty cheese industry in Wisconsin exploding with exceptional cheeses and no deserving cracker to accompany them. They combined their passion for good food to make a cracker that truly delivers the flavors of Wisconsin to you.

    After Pete graduated from the University of Wisconsin he attended graduate school at UC-Davis.  He fell in love with Cali and opened a west coast Potter’s Crackers production facility in Sacramento. Peter loved providing our friends in California with our same small batch, artisan, organic crisps and crackers that folks in Wisconsin have been enjoying but recently he heeded the call to other pursuits. We are transitioning all of our production back to Wisconsin.  We will continue to provide all of Potter’s customers from coast to coast with the crackers, crisps and oysters that they have come to expect from Potter’s.


    Potter’s whole grain, handmade, crackers, crisps and oysters are produced with locally sourced whole-wheat flour and local milk and butter in Madison Wisconsin. Most of the produce we use comes from small, local farms. Potter’s offers 7 year-round varieties of crackers, 4 crisps and 4 oyster flavors to fulfill all your cracker needs!

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  • Produce With Purpose

    Our farm consists of around two acres on the farm homestead with other acreage rented within six miles of the farm.

    We love diversity, and we believe that not all carrots are orange and potatoes brown. We love to educate people on the value of eating healthy and encouraging youth (and adults) to find out more about where there food comes from!

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  • Red Barn Family Farms

    Red Barn Family Farms

    Red Barn Family Farms was founded in 2008 with a mission to preserve small family owned and operated farms by paying fair and sustainable wages based on humane, ethical animal care. Over the years we have cultivated relationships with some of Wisconsin's best cheesemakers who craft our premium milk into delicious, award-winning cheese.

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  • Revol Greens

    Revol Greens

    Our premium lettuce and greens are grown with care in our greenhouse but the process starts well before that. We trial hundreds of seed varieties to find the best tasting highest quality, always non-gmo lettuce and greens available.

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  • River Valley Ranch

  • Saffi Foods

    Saffi Foods

    We appreciate all of the ingredients Mother Nature gives us and we recognize our responsibility to protect the environment. That's why we are focused on providing zero waste packaging options to our customers. We partner with restaurants to collect their used glass bottles, so we can recycle, sanitize and refill them with our premium oils and vinegar. From our partner farms to the packaging we use, Saffi Foods aims to reduce our carbon footprint, waste and any negative impact on our Earth.

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  • Sassy Cow Creamery

    Sassy Cow Creamery

    Our farms are placed on 1700 acres, over 2.5 square miles, of pasture and fields of corn, soy beans, alfalfa, and wheat. The Creamery sits between the two farms owned by brothers James and Robert Baerwolf. From these two farms we produce 100% of the milk used at the Sassy Cow Creamery.

    Our love for all dairying led us to a unique situation of having the two distinct herds, traditional and organic. Our traditional herd started in the 1990’s with 50 cows and has grown with our family to the current size of 600 cows at the traditional farm. The traditional cattle live on a new farm site built in 1999 and expanded in 2003. In 2017 a state-of-the-art rotary parlor was built. The cows are housed in a sand bedded freestall barn and during the nice times of the year, cattle can go out on grass pastures to graze, exercise and enjoy the sun.

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  • Shoreline Fruit

    Shoreline Fruit

    What began as plans by two sets of brothers in the late 1960s, has now grown into the Shoreline Fruit cooperative of growers, 6,000 acres of orchards, and a typical harvest of more than 25 million pounds of Montmorency tart cherries each year. Today, we are proud to be the largest tart cherry operation in North America.

    We own the land, grow the fruit, and harvest at the peak of ripeness to ensure fresh-from-the-orchard taste straight to the table.

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  • Sweet Comb Chicago

    Sweet Comb Chicago

    About Sweet Comb Chicago

    You may be wondering the reason for the name of this company.

    Well, As I began reading about the plight of honey bees and Colony Collapse Disorder, I wondered what I could do.

    Beekeeping is something I always wanted to do but, like many, I felt keeping bees in the city just didn’t make sense.

    There are many things in the world I cannot change but this is a problem I could actually do something about.

    We Care About The Bees

    These days, I’m a bit over-protective of my bees and on the verge of breaking out cigars every time I see the familiar small swarms outside the hive that suggest orientation flights of new bees.

    It’s been said that 1 out of every 3 mouthfuls of food we consume is made possible by pollinators like bees and it is certain that some crops are pollinated exclusively by bees.

    Sweet Comb Chicago was established in a North side backyard in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago.

    Our Mission

    The idea behind our apiary is simply to help the bees by providing them with a diverse range of nectar away from the mono cultures created by big industry.

    We have been continuously amazed and have grown smitten with the bees as we watch them go about their daily business right in our own backyard.

    Chicago is one of the few places where the number of honey bees seems to be increasing slightly – thanks to backyard and roof top beekeepers. With you​r support, we’d like to do our part to ensure this trend continues, so please do your best to support local beekeepers.

    About The Bees

    Is it surprising to learn that the majority of a colony comprises of female bees? In fact all of the workers are female.

    Worker bees live 6 weeks in the summer months, and 4-9 months during winter months while the queen bee can live for 5 years. During the busy summer months the queen will lay 2500 eggs per day.

    She can control weather she lays female or male eggs. Eggs she fertilizes become female. In other words male bees inherit genes only from their mothers, while female worker bees inherit genes from mother and father.

    Drones or male bees are larger and have no stinger. They do no work and are cared for by the females at least until fall.

    There are many things in the world we cannot change, but this is a problem I can actually do something about.

    We Do It For The Bees

    It’s difficult to know where to begin when considering the importance of bees, and the challenges these beautiful little creatures are faced with.

    Unfortunately, even trace amounts of the chemicals contained in pesticides, over time, can be detrimental to a colony and may be a significant contributor to Colony Collapse Disorder.

    Harmful parasites, such as mites, combined with chemical exposure, are greatly reducing the number of bees available to carry out their important function.

    In addition to producing honey and beeswax, bees pollinate the plants that produce fruits, vegetables, and nuts worldwide.

    While the population has been dwindling for years, the bee shortage is reaching alarming proportions. In fact, some experts predict a global food production crisis.

    The situation has worsened and farmers have started “renting” bees to pollinate crops, paying beekeepers to put hives on their farms.

    Join us and help us save the bees!

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  • Three Brothers Farm

    We are Michael and Courtney Gutschenritter. We own and manage a 100-acre pasture-based farm in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. We raise sheep, flowers, and laying hens.

    Michael's grandparents bought the farm in 1954. We are proud to be working with the land they cared so deeply for. We like to think they'd be happy about the farm's changing landscape.

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  • Timberfeast

  • Tomato Bliss

  • Uncle Mikes Maple Syrup

    We are a licensed Maple syrup producer with a farm in Birnamwood and home in Stevens Point that offers Maple syrup to the grocery, gift and food service markets. We also offer a Wisconsin Cranberry Maple syrup made with all natural ingredients as well as Bourbon barrel aged Maple syrup. We are a member of the Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producer's Association and recently received a blue ribbon for our product quality, taste, clarity and packaging in 2017.We offer 100% pure Wisconsin Maple syrup in traditional glass packaging for our grocery and farm market customers. We offer premium packaged Maple syrup in 8.45 oz. and 16.9 oz. packaging to our gift shop customers. We also offer a Wisconsin Cranberry Maple syrup and Bourbon barrel aged Maple syrup in traditional 8 and 12 oz. sizes. No added sugar or corn syrup - just 100% pure Wisconsin Maple syrup and Cranberry concentrate. We also have plastic pints for our mail order customers. Special packaging for Wedding favors are available. Please call or message us on Facebook for pricing or a retailer near you.

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  • Valley Farms

    Sustainable vegetable farm in Michigan

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  • Yodelay Yogurt

    Yodelay Yogurt

    Swiss yogurt isn’t quite like anything you’ve tried before. Words like “fruitier” and “smoother” and “creamier” are what we hear from people when they try Yodelay for the first time.

    If you’re expecting the dense, heavy consistency of a Greek-style yogurt… well, that’s not Yodelay. But if you’re looking for a naturally tart, yet sweet burst of fruit-forward flavor and a silky smooth texture, Yodelay is for you.

    Yodelay is a natural blend of locally-sourced milk and imported traditions that come together to create a yogurt that’s not quite like any you’ve ever had. We can chronicle what we put into each cup…but the taste defies description.

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