Pasture-Raised Eggs (1 doz)

Pasture-Raised Eggs (1 doz)

1 Dozen Pasture Raised Eggs
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We got laying hens!

During the winter we have connected two of our large mobile pasture shelters to keep them warm and dry. We are supplementing their Non-GMO diet with sprouted barley (fodder), kelp meal, and alfalfa to provide them with as many of the health benefits and environmental stimulation they would get during the summer rotationally grazed on pasture. In other words, we are bringing the pasture to them during these cold Wisconsin winter months.

As soon as the grass starts growing and the weather gets a little more forgiving, our birds will travel across our pastures, being moved daily to new ground. Follow us on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter to learn exactly how our chickens are raised for flavor, welfare, and nutrient density.

We recommend consuming these eggs within 3 weeks of receiving them to ensure freshness.