Heirloom Tomato Broth

Heirloom Tomato Broth

16 oz jar of tomato broth
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Packed with flavor, vitamins and anti-oxidants, our Clarified Tomato Broth is 100% pulp-free heirloom tomato juice. Enjoy this complex, clean tomato juice chilled. Or mix it with your favorite spirit for a bright cocktail. This versatile juice warmed makes a flavorful consomme or vegan broth for your favorite recipes. Great for sipping, risotto, soups, and cocktails.Nutrient-dense

- Excellent source of vitamins A and C
- 0g of added sugar
- 100% Michigan grown

Nutritional Information

Clarified Tomato Broth 16 oz
Nutritional FactsServings: 2Serving size: 8 oz Amount per serving: Calories 15

Vitamin A (35% DV) Vitamin C (50% DV)