$25 Donation

$25 Donation

A Share Of Our Harvest That Will Be Donated To A Local Food Aid Organization

Our goal is to deliver 10% of our harvest this year to mutual aid organizations that provide food for those categorically left out of the farm to table movement.

By making a donation you are buying a share of our harvest at wholesale value that we will deliver to food aid organizations in Chicago and Green Lake, Wisconsin.

This program helps us grow more food, steward more land, and feed more people with some of the most nutritious food available.

For example: 

- $30 secures a large produce bundle

- $55 secures a case of 15 dozen pasture-raised eggs 

- $115 secures 20 lbs of pasture-raised ground beef

- $150 secures 35 lbs of pasture-raised chicken

- $500 secures a half (95lbs) of pasture-raised pork