Rotationally grazed and organically raised on a regenerative farm in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. 

Leidenschaft Farm is the LLC of John and Halee Wepking, who also run Meadowlark Organics in Ridgeway, WI. The cattle are an integrated part of the larger farm, though owned separately. 

When the grass is green and growing our cows are moved daily, ensuring the herd has access to the best available feed, while protecting the health of our pastures. They graze the fields that are too steep for a tractor to farm responsibly, but are a productive and diverse habitat where we often see bobolinks, meadowlarks, and monarchs alongside our happy cows and calves.  

Our goal is to give consumers a real connection to where their food comes from, whether it's in the form of stone-ground flour or grass-fed beef. We are grateful for your support, which allows us to farm with conservation at the heart of our practices.